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I feel your pain. We had a truly EVIL former principal (they kicked my son out of their school for being dyslexic-their “SPED” program couldn’t figure that out in 5 yrs!) call CPS and report things that had happened over a period of three years as though they had happened in 3 months. Thankfully I was also a mandatory reporter at the time and was able to tell the case worker that I was sorry that we were taking her time away from her cases that truly needed her help. One thing I have learned is that there are some people you just cannot trust. Always watch your kiddo with others, keep up with the therapist and stay away from toxic people who “Don’t get it” or who simply refuse to educate themselves. Are there support groups for families with ADHD kiddos in your area? If so, go there and associate with other parents who are walking a similar path. We had a new family move in two years ago and when we invited them over for a welcome dinner their eldest and my son were clearly on the same wavelength. He started to apologize for his son and explain that he is on the spectrum and has ADHD I had to stop him and tell him to look at those boys-who were totally on the same wavelength! I explained to him that our guy has ADHD and sensory issues and he was so happy! And thus a great friendship was born. They walked the darkest part of our path with us (through the school kicking kiddo out and the aftermath) and have proven to be amazing friends. I truly wish that you are able to find folks like them to walk your path with you. Take care of your husband too-sounds like he could be self-medicating for something as others have stated. Wishing you all luck and healing in the aftermath of your horrid experience.