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Cannabis is actually a very good mood stabilizer. It is supposedly very common for people with ADHD to self-medicate and/or abuse cannabis. I doesn’t make people meaner. If someone was demonizing something that makes you feel better, you’d probably get upset. If it helped, but not enough, that would be even worse. Don’t make it a moral thing. It doesn’t help. CBD is promising but far from well tested and it’s not universally available or easy to get yet. Encourage him to vape if he won’t quit. Cannabis addiction is more of a symptom than problem. Three months into treatment I decided to start a MAT to get off I.V. Dilaudid and Heroin. I haven’t come close to even thinking about wanting to shoot up since March. I became an addiction survivor after 27 years of getting high. So if you can get help for his mental illness, he may not even want it. If by GP you mean General Practitioner, I was misdiagnosed with depression in 2000 by one. Don’t waste time. I was treated for 8 years and told I needed a psychiatrist. I was then treated by USA government health services. (I wanted to die which made it difficult to work) for depression, anxiety and bipolar from 2008 till this January. A private psychiatrist diagnosed me within minutes as he basically could see it from my paperwork and began Methylphenidate. He tells me there is new solid data that it does not increase the risk of drug abuse. Some people still consider it a dangerous addictive drug. It didn’t give me back a life. It made it possible for me to discover what having a life meant. Several times psychiatrists volunteering at the mental health clinic told me if I’d just stop doing everything for two months they might be able to diagnose me. That’s BS to reduce their liability and it keeps people sick. No mentally ill drug addict is going to do that. Find a way to get him to a proper psychiatrist with the training to diagnose him. If he’s just really hard to deal with and is worth dealing with for the rest of your life, maybe stay. But if he is not just hurting your feelings but emotionally abusing you, remember, you might go through several dogs and boyfriends but there is only one you. You have to take care of you before you can help anyone else. Look into “codependence.” It sounds like you are trying to get away but then you come back and repeat over and over. Take care of you. I can’t really give any better relationship advice. I had a girlfriend for 8 months in 1988. I went out on my first date since college last week. Waking up and not wishing you’d died in your sleep makes you way higher than any drug. With the right treatment, everything can change.