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OK….I’m going to stick my neck out here. Because I was born in a family with rampant alcohol abuse (not even mentioning the sexual abuse), I believe both my parents had undiagnosed ADD. Who knew in the l950’s? So they self-medicated with alcohol. (Common, truly!). Please consider reading: You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy.
That was what helped me figure this out. Also read the books on ADD by Dr. Amen. Consider putting your whole family on a sugar free, healthy ADD diet. (IT will help!).
If your husband is going out “drunk”, it appears there is more than one problem here. You might consider going to AL-Anon. (All of these behaviors can be undiagnosed ADD in the adults first) and needing better treatment for everyone.
There is a website I’d encourage you to check out as well:
They have sounds you listen to with headphones for adults with ADHD/ADD. Also alcoholism, etc. I have been using them for about 30 days
and my whole life has improved dramatically! I can organize and clean now, executive choice making function has shown up for the first time in an easy way…it is mind
blowing in this situation. POSITIVE to the MAX. The sample is FREE. The pro level is only about $10. They were being offered on both IPhone and Android until yesterday.
Unfortunately they are temporarily off IPhone in the APP download. They will get reinstated soon I believe. Check back.
There is a protocol you use with daily use, then gradual weaning. It takes about 22 minutes a session.

I am concerned about the “inappropriate touching”. It is quite likely that someone has inappropriately touched your son. This “acting out behavioris a way kids often
behave to “scream for help symbolically”. Does he also wet the bed? Many children who wet the bed have been sexually abused as well. I strongly encourage counseling for this child, beyond the simple “doctor gives him drugs” type.

Most folks really think long and hard before calling CPS. It is possible your situation is more “out of balance” than you are able to see? We care about you and your family. This is a wake up call dear. Listen to it! Let the help in. Blessings. I agree about the Al-anon meeting mentioned by Zaza. You need the support. I’ve been
going to 12-step meetings for years. Went to Codependents Anonymous last night. (Codependents are always trying to rescue others. I am in my disease right now, reaching out to you! YEP…that’s me!). At least I own it. Smile. Please keep us in the loop as things progress.