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First of all, I can totally relate to your situation. It has been tough for me too. Regarding your job situation: have you figured out what interests you? I know if you found that occupation that interests you, you will excel in it. That is generally the protocol with add/ADHD recipients. We generally excel at anything we take an interest in.
As far as your medicine is concerned, I usually take omega-3 fish oil and a lot of biotin. Biotin is water soluble so whatever your body does not absorb it disposes of in your urine, so I take quite a bit of it. Something about the b vitamins and the neurons in your brain that help activate the prefrontal cortex. This is not medical advice, this is what I do. I know someone had told you about magnesium and the lack of it in Add/ADHD patients which is true but magnesium can play tricks on your heart so inform your Dr before taking and any of these vitamins and minerals. Exercise is very important too for quieting the mind and yoga or meditation is beneficial as well. It has really helped me too.
Just don’t give up and be gentle and good to yourself. Take it one day at a time. I hope this info helps you. God bless!