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Dear Amb,
I wish I had seen this earlier and am hoping you’ve gotten some relief.
Your story is my story…same job issues, moved back home, divorce….
First- Don’t give up hope. Ask God to be with you and give you peace.
Second – you are worth getting a second, third, as many chances as it takes.
Third- call churches in your area to find out which ones have therapists. That’s how I found an amazing licensed certified social worker who referred me to a psychiatrist who worked with me financially to pay for his services and the meds.
You are not a bad person because of the difficulties ADD has caused for you! Our brains are wired differently! If only 25% of the population has ADD it means the world’s school, work and social structures are geared toward that 75%. No wonder we feel like round pegs trying to fit a square hole!
Go to the library and check out some books on ADD. There are good books on organizational, health, work and social things that help us work with how we’re wired.
I agree with recommendations from other posters re: 5htp over the counter, getting enough sleep, etc.
DON’T GIVE UP! God has a purpose for your life.
Big Hug..