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I truly feel your pain as I am right there with you. My ADHD was suppressed when I was younger and had children and a spouse. After divorce and all of a sudden needing to find my way into the working world (I had not worked since college and was fired from every job like you) and then menopause, well the symptoms came roaring back with vengeance. I too have health care issues and my nominal insurance won’t cover hormone replacement therapy so that is coming out of my pocket but it has helped. I can’t get them to cover any ADHD drugs as they insist I get a new diagnosis from a neurologist even though I was diagnosed at 4…of course they only have one in their approved list and the wait to get in is still 9 month out. So I did a lot of research on line and went to vitamin therapy which is also not cheap but I have seen nominal improvement. I too think you are depressed (as am I) and I think most of us ADHD’ers resist drug treatment but I am now considering as I feel myself spiraling downward and my anxiety is overwhelming at times.
Job wise…well there was only one choice for me…work for myself; getting repeatedly fired was debilitating for me.
If you like pets, have you looked into dog walking/pet sitting?? The bond is not too expensive but necessary for business. Best of all if you are good with pets and stick to it, your can get referrals. But you need a back up fellow dog walker in case you get sick etc.
Do an online search to see what other self employment opportunites are out there in your area.
Keep in touch, it’s important to know there are folks just like you…ME!!!