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Sometimes it feels like we are doomed. I was recently diagnosed at the age of 36. My ADHD is not severe but the more stress I’ve added to my life with jobs and kids the harder it’s been to function. My husband has known of his ADHD longer. It definitely is challenging but knowledge is power I guess. I think what complicates our relationship is we have 4 kids (11, 9, 4, 3). The younger two are speech delayed and have sensory issues. So it definitely is like fighting an uphill battle, barefoot, in the snow lol. We struggle financially because my husband’s ADHD is more severe so jobs are difficult to keep sometimes. Medicine doesn’t help much for him and asking an adult with a severe ADHD problem that has struggled with obesity and turns to food for coping to follow a special diet is not even possible. Some days I feel like running away but then I remember there is no one I’ve ever loved more than my husband and I would not want anyone else. We definitely have a more difficult relationship than a relationship with 1 person with ADHD and one without. But I can’t help who I love believe me. Ive been married 3 times now and the man I’m married to now is the one I should have married first.