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Also, for you and anyone else who is interested; I’ve been reading “The Soul of Money: How to Transform Your Relationship With Money” and I HIGHLY recommend it.

It’s been brilliant at helping me see that we are all conditioned to be a consumer culture that is steeped in a scarcity mindset. – That there is “never enough”, “that’s just the way it is”, which becomes a me vs you, acquire more, prove more culture.
But when we can shift our mindset to that of sufficiency, sustainability, “enough” – that we can begin to use our money in a way that aligns with our values, and actually brings us joy. It also helps us shift to a me AND you culture, whereby we can live more meaningful lives and connect more deeply.

It’s been a fairly life changing read for me, and it uplifted my spirit. Just wanted to share. 🙂