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I can’t say anything about a relationship, because the guy I’m talking about here was happily in a relationship when I met him (and still is), and I learned a very long time ago that I want nothing to do with being in a relationship. Nonetheless, I think this is relevant. a couple of people (one of them his wife) conspired to get us in a room together. Neither of us ever really socializes because of our ADD. When we met, it was like we were one brain in two bodies. Our conversation flowed in a way that neither of us had ever experienced when talking with “normal” people. We left the others in the dust, but they didn’t care. They just laughed at the pair of us and the wife said, “See? Didn’t I tell you?” Every now and again they arrange a repeat performance, primarily because they think it’s hilarious to watch how we bounce from one topic to another so fast they can’t follow us, but never lose each other in the process. I think that people with ADD communicate in a different rhythm from other people, so we rarely get to experience the fluidity of communication that happens between “normal” people. 2 people with ADD are in sync with each other, the way 2 “normal” people are. So on that level, I think it could be a perfect relationship.

The dangerous side is that someone has to be the grownup, and Peter Pan ADDers (like me) aren’t always so good at bring the grownup, so household chores, finances and such may be a bit of an issue.