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Hi, I’m the original poster on this thread. As mentioned above, I was worried because my son needed to stay in school and get a postsecondary degree in order to become eligible for citizenship. Well, I’m happy to report, this has now happened! He just received the equivalent of an associate’s degree, and has decided to pursue a bachelor’s next year. I made the decision some time ago to step back and let him take responsibility for his future—and things worked out. I won’t pretend it has been easy, it’s been a very bumpy ride and he still has a lot of issues with executive functioning and anger management. As I feared, he flunked the course where he had the big project due — but his grades in other courses were good enough to give him a passing grade overall. As they say, expect progress, not perfection! Just wanted to share this with other parents wrestling with young-adult ADD/ADHD.