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I told her. It was and is very traumatic. My wife is devastated, we are in scrambling mode right now and Im really not coping well at all. My wife isn’t coping well either, I cant bear seeing what this is doing to her. What I have done to my family. Its awful beyond words. I hope that we can get help, I hope there is a God, we are in dire need for some compassion. I fear I have lost everything that I held dear, my wife thinks Im insane and I think its all over. I hope this thread will help others with Adult ADD so that they don’t have to live through what we are living through now. I hope that something positive can come of this. If you have money trouble and are not coping please get help early.

Things are really bad here and I’m honestly struggling, really struggling. Thank you all for your support and kind words and guidance. Life is so hard. Please pray for my wife and son.