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Hi RV, I’m going to agree with Cloudbreaks here. The point of the comic is to put into the stark terms the measurable time & effort that women have to put into heterosexual relationships. I have been raised as woman and have ADHD & I can tell you a woman with ADHD is a hard thing to be, because you’re faced with all the pressures of being a good parent & partner & have to compensate for you illness. That’s why women with ADHD are diagnosed with other illnesses at the same time, such as anxiety and depression. There’s so much weighing them down that feel overwhelmed and inadequate. It’s okay to rely on your partner if you feel you don’t have the capacity to help in one area, but ADHD-ers have persistence, drive and devotion. What make people with ADHD-ers great is that we have strengths, and you can use your strengths to help your partner. You love your family, and if you love your partner you would find a way to take a load off her back. You need to recognize that being able to do your job and having your partner take the mental load on that second-shift she’s working, trying to keep the family afloat, is a privilege. A man not being expected to carry that much weight in the family is a privilege that weighs down on women with ADHD. While society is still sorting itself out from placing unfair expectations on women, you can help out your partner wherever you can.

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