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Hey Guys,

THANK YOU, for all of your responses. It’s exactly what I wanted to see, by extension the responses have been a great inner morale boost! Especially when I’ve had nothing but trouble, and being aware of ADHD, throughout my life. Now this one opportunity comes where I believe so strongly in the companies values and culture, I really don’t want to lose it. I get it was not easy for my manager to do what she had to do, because she genuinely is a good manager and I respect her very much.

ADHDmomma, would you have any more articles for how you can communicate your ADHD to your manager, maybe colleagues, eloquently? Bluntly, I’m a very conscious of their reactions in my attempt to explain to them what ADHD is all about even though they know I have it. Well… More fearful of their reactions and what HR might say… I want to be acknowledged for my ADHD not “change everything their because that worker is seeking attention.” I don’t want to sound whiny (childhood fear :'( )

RV, You’ve hit the nail on the head how I’ve been feeling. Thank you for your reassuring words. Forgive my ignorance and knowledge of your background, I want to stress you’ve shown more compassion and knowledge than what my psychiatrist did in a $300/half hour session did this past Tuesday. The way you addressed the unfairness was dignifying and mature. I had to read it over and over, in my mind it was re-reassuringly alien 🙂 I need to explore that more!

Cecile, tbh the most I know about his wife, is she’s Eurasian and her first name. Otherwise nothing… The weird thing was I spoke to him about the article before I sent it to him and he gave no indication of his discomfort of it. Somehow people are not obliged to! I wish I could link the article and I couldn’t find a private message option. I can say if you Google ‘eursasians would only know’ you’ll find it. Definitely something my brother and female cousins found so true and very amusing, especially when we’ve grown up in a country that WAS very racially intolerant. We were loathed and very interesting at the same time.