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Hi, it’s easy to think the way they behave is just lazy, until a diagnosis no one would be any the wiser including me, please don’t blame yourself, it is hard accepting any disability and seeing your child suffer. I have a 14 year old with autism non-verbal and OCD,ADHD anxiety, he is on meds, it’s not what any parent wants for their child, but for him it transformed his quality of life. My other son 16yrs, has anxiety and a total lack of confidence in himself but this has improved as he’s got older, he was found to have slower processing so was given extra time in his exams ( we’re in England). I wouldn’t worry about the past, just let her know as I did my son that exam results really aren’t that important, practical skills are just as valid as academic. Encourage her to enjoy any hobbies or sports, perhaps things you can enjoy together even if it’s just watching a good movie, cooking together, or going for a walk. Things really do improve and blossom in time ( but they all get more anxiety with puberty,including the parents!!)Your obviously a very caring parent or you wouldn’t have posted here 🙂