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CPS is (generally) required by the state to follow-up on every report. So while it is beneficial to have professionals involved, it doesn’t always “keep CPS off your back.” CPS doesn’t go trolling for work – someone reports concern to them. Many reports come in due behavioral concerns and their role is to see if any additional supports can be offered or utilized. Many families need assistance with navigating the confusing mental health system and referral process for supports. Some already have services in place, but a home visit is still required per the law. It’s best practice, and often regulatory, to check for food, utility service, child health insurance, beds, d&a use, health hazards in the home, and Safe Sleep for newborns. If not, they can help families get what they need.

School staff, medical providers, therapists, etc. in most states are mandated to report to CPS and it’s a criminal offense not to in some states. Sometimes they are overzealous. Which is frustrating for the parents and caseworkers. It’s not a perfect system by any stretch, but it’s not the fault of the CPS worker sent to your home. They have no idea what or who they’re dealing with when they get a report. But (most) social workers join the field to help people – they understand the struggle and just want to make sure kids are safe everyone has what they need to navigate the crazy parenting journey.

– A CPS caseworker, ADHD adult, mom of a super strong-willed, sparkly ADHD kiddo