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Uncle Dharma

“I sometimes wonder if the world has an OCD towards uniformity.”
I think many societies and social groups do have this.

Years ago, I worked in a government job where they introduced flexhours. You could work a standard day, but start when you like between 8 and 9:30.
I started between 9 and 9:30. Almost everyone started at 8am and went home as soon as they could.
I didn’t count, but I reckon that at least one person a week would comment as they were leaving “Been a naughty boy and have to stay back”.
Someone complained that I just could not be working enough hours, but after the manager checked, he realised that I was actually working an extra day every fortnight. I was told to take a day off as i had earned it.
What really annoyed everyone was when I got a professional job that I enjoyed, and just walked out. The rest of them just stayed there, unhappy but conforming to … ? I don’t know what, but something.