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These are the top things my guy struggles with as well. How old is yours?

Just for a small background on my guy, who is seven. He is diagnosed with ADHD w/ ODD and Anxiety. We are currently on Dyanavel XR 10mg (4ml), Guanfacine XR 4mg (2mg am, 2mg pm), and we are currently weaning off anxiety medication. My guy is very resistant to stimulant medications, so it’s been tough finding one that works. The current one is the best one that we have found so far, but it’s not as effective as the psychiatrist would like. The Guanfacine XR handles his impulsivity, which in turn can help the other stuff. Medication is hard though because every kid reacts differently to every medication. It really is trial and error and having a very good psychiatrist that will work with you.

I hope that was a little helpful! I know exactly how tough it is!