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You sing the song of my people!! You are NOT alone in having CPS called on you It has happened to us multiple times and the school has been the WORST offender! Our son has an IEP and we are in constant contact, but we still get turned in for the things he says, bruises he has, etc…its crazy.

You are on track with getting a psychologist for him. We did that. Honestly? the psychologist is more for us! However, if even a little sinks in and helps him then thats a bonus. He is 12 now, and CBT is just now beginning to have an effect. The ADHD kiddo takes a looooooong time to mature. He will get there and so will yours. We also have an ODD diagnosis and high functioning autism, but even the psych says that ADHD is ‘driving the boat’ when it comes to behavior. I would also suggest a social skills group for him to help him learn how to read body language and signals from other kids. Kids will always take instruction from a teacher/therapist more readily than their parents!

And as for the ignorant, get used to it and learn to ignore them. I’ve adopted the attitude that anyone else looking in on our situation and judges can just go jump. I honestly don’t care what anyone else thinks. you are doing the best you can for your child and you are obviously a good mom! Don’t let anyone ever make you feel any different. Parenting these kids is exhausting.

And having a psychologist on board helps keep CPS off your back to. Once the realize the depth of our issues and the lengths we go to to help our son, the case gets closed. However, we did get a newbie case worker once and I wanted to throttle her. She actually demanded to see that we had running water and food in the fridge. Now, keep in mind, we live in a nice house, the electricity was obviously on, etc…Just keep your cool when they want to come in and if you ever have to deal with CPS again, NEVER let them interview your child alone. Its too risky with the ADHD kiddo. They can try and make up something they think will help but could end up opening an whole new can of worms. They may tell you they have to interview alone, but this is a minor child and you are entitled legally to be there. IF they claim it can’t be you then tell them they will have to wait until you have legal representation. Don’t mess with these people. They make HUGE mistakes all. the. time……