Reply To: What medication has helped you?


I’m feelin soooooooo jealous! In the country where I live, there are only two options: Strattera, and Concerta. And that’s it. I have tried Strattera: it helped a lot but not greatly: I still had all or most of the symptoms, but they were less intense. Being aware of the problem in the first place helps too! In my case, a lot of anxiety came directly from missing deadline after deadline. If ADD can be controlled, there will be less of motives for anxiety. I have started taking Concerta 18mg in June, there was no effect. I am now almost completing two weeks with Concerta 36mg: it might have worked just a little bit. As of now, it seems to me that Concerta 36mg may be slightly less effective than Strattera 100mg. But I will be seing my doctor on Monday!