Reply To: Daily Essential Nutrients


Anecdotal information [such as individual reports to someone about their personal experience with something] is fine. We can learn a lot from it. But from my perspective, I prefer to find out whether there is any evidence-based research on a topic.

There’s a lot that’s been said over time, and there have been lots of promoted cures, even some called miracles, when it comes to diet/nutrition/adhd. What I wanted to find out was whether some scientific body had done what’s called a meta-review [basically what in the heck is out there and is there any statistically relevant correlation between any given diet/supplement/nutrition approach. Luckily, I just came across this just recently published meta-analysis:

Forewarning: This is a scholarly, scientific article. So if you’re not used to reading scientific study results in scholarly format, the article may make your brain twist inside its cranium. [But remember, same holds true for your as when Christoper Robin told Pooh: you’re smarter than you think, so do give reading this a go, especially the recommendations and conclusion sections]. You can make an appointment with your/your child’s/etc health care provider to help you cull through the data….especially the recommendations and conclusion sections. Please do not expect your health care provider to discuss this via phone or email. An appointment really is important so you can wisely utilize the information for the particular patient. As a courtesy and to make your appointment most effective, it would be helpful to send a link to the article prior to your appointment.