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Penny Williams

Some medication manufacturers have patient assistance programs to help patients who cannot afford their medications. Concerta’s manufacturer has one here: CHADD offers a few other options as well:

Seek out “credit counseling” to tackle your debt. This is a free service that works with your creditors and helps you with a plan of payment you can manage. I left college with credit card debt I couldn’t pay. One of the collectors finally recommended credit counseling and it changed everything. They negotiated a stop on most of the interest and even lower minimum monthly payments. It took years, but I paid every cent, as I could, and it removed the stress of it all. (It was a Red Cross program 20+ years ago when I used it. I don’t think it is now, but I know it’s still available somewhere.)

It does sound like some treatment of your ADHD and depression are crucial at this juncture.

Here’s some helpful advice on moving forward:

Step Up to the Plate: Finding Success With ADHD

In Their Words

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