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You just need the right medication ( therapy won’t work in my experience) to correct the chemical imbalance..probably a boost of dopamine. Find the money for to make an appointment with a drug dealer (psychiatrist) and get you some happy pills! I knew a person who couldn’t get out of bed and now is a director of operations! You’ll need to research on your own what drugs will benefit you for the money and bring that up to your doctor. For example..EVEKEO helped my son and they have first 30 days free..then $30 a month for a year. I’m also ADD and they put me on VYVANSE which was $200 a month (uh no thanks!) So I got my doctor to prescribe generic Adderall.. Describe your symptoms to doctor and have a list of affordable drugs to bring up to your doctor. Once you fix the chemical imbalance in your will have a better outlook on life and you will gain motivation..everything else will fall into place. You are not worthless…create a plan and stick to it. You can do it! Keep us posted!