Reply To: What medication has helped you?


I don’t think any recommendations you get here should be viewed as gospel without psychiatrist support, firstly…

Having said that, it sounds like I’m in a similar situation to you… I was prescribed lisdexamfetamine, a stimulant, although I have an anxiety disorder, too. If anything I would say it’s lessened the anxiety – at least for me, it’s stopped the incessant mental chatterthat I think caused a lot of my panic attacks and midnight runs to burn the adrenaline off. I’m now wondering (was diagnosed add 6 months ago, but anxiety disorder 8 years ago) if the adhd was the reason for the anxiety all along. Psychiatrist also said that adhd stimulants work on the frontal lobes to quiten the fight or flight monkey brain, so don’t necessarily exacerbate anxiety as a medication group.

That being said again, I’m currently flitting between 30mg and 50mg of lisdex – the standard 70mg dose made me a gibbering wreck fuelled by angsty adrenaline. At the lower doses though, it’s done wonders for me.

Please talk to your psychiatrist, though, before setting your mind on anything. If I’ve learnt anything over the last 6 months it’s that adhd and meds affect everyone differently!

Lots of luck to you. It’s early days, don’t be disheartened x