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Reading this has been very helpful to me in understanding aspects of ADHD that I never understood. I agree with Kevin Ju (previous poster): Directly my ADHD has caused me severe difficulty and lifelong struggles. I didn’t even know I had ADHD until I was over 65. 1) I may be glad I didn’t know it before because I wouldn’t have attempted to do some of the impossible things I did if I had known. However, if I had known and didn’t attempt those things?? Well, I don’t regret it because I would have been the loser. 2) Also like Kevin Ju, I believe, knowing it or not, ADHD has given me greater insight and empathy for those who also struggle with other types of “limitations”: I have always been a magnet for children, the elderly and those with disabilities. I’ve just have never been able to relate to my peers LOL. 3) Thank you, Anomalocaris for commenting. I too have had this strange (to me) ability to be calm in emergencies and to think rationally – even when i can’t always do that in normal circumstances because I am so anxiety ridden. I never understood it but this makes sense. 4) Lastly, no offense, Befree, but I assume you were joking? I doubt anyone on this forum reading your comment would question that you didn’t know how to spell “accurately”. Making careless mistakes is one of the biggies of attention deficit. I made A’s in Calculus I and II in my Master’s program because I can understand concepts that others struggle with. However, I can add a column of 10 2-digit numbers multiple times and not get the same answer. Usually I just go with the 2 out of 10 that match, if I am lucky! I believe now that this is due to the inability to maintain focus on the numbers that I am adding. One mini-second distraction is enough to leave something out or see it twice. I also have hyperfocus. To me it seems like I’m in a time-warp and doing amazing things. I think sometimes, however, that’s just how it seems to me. If you have ADHD – you will be making careless mistakes, I think, regardless of hyperfocus. The thing I get from hyperfocus is the ability to see and understand more complicated concepts. I was able to go into exams and make straight A’s in philosophy and complex math courses because of my ability to hyperfocus and get things out of reading material that others didn’t even see…not because I knew perfect grammar and never misspelled words. I used to joke that I absorbed information through osmosis.