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An all too familiar story Amb. I hear you and feel for you. I know it’s cliched and I really wish I had a more empowering way of saying it.

“Baby Steps.”

Force yourself outta bed. Force yourself to have a protein and omega 3 rich brekkie. Force yourself to get some sun. Easier said than done, right? Take a moment to think about each ‘lil thing and defy the crappy world us human beings created for ourselves.

If I may share with you… I defy the world because of my ‘lil girl. I’m certain she has what we both have. I know that if I give up, whose going to get her through those days, you and I share, when you and I needed someone just to be there unconditionally and without judgement. To know that she can be safe around her dad at the very, very least.

Even if you don’t have someone or something to keep you going. At least get yourself a mirror and write on it in red “Defy!” and look in it every day. I would like to see, maybe one day, a post an optimistic post written in the UK 🙂

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