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I was in that exact situation when my son was in middle school . He is a gifted child with an extremely high IQ and has performed very well academically up until high school . As you have found with your own child the scaffolding that they get in the early years can mask their poor executive functioning if they are indeed very bright . I urge you to be a very squeaky wheel and push push push to get what you need for your child . If you have had all the testing done they should be able to put something in place for him . If he isn’t public school he should be able to get an advocate if in private school their staff should also be there for his support . It does take a lot of effort on your part and, I’m sure you realize, a lot of frustration. My son is about to enter senior year and is still struggling with underperformance due to poor executive functioning and misunderstanding despite the fact that he is a incredibly bright kid . There is no silver bullet for this I’m afraid but entails a lot of dedicated effort on your part as a mother and as your child’s advocate . Good luck and stay squeaky