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morena26, if I may be blatantly honest and give you a guy’s perspective on ADHD. WE ARE VERY, VERY HIGH MAINT. Believe me…

The 1 thing we do so well to our partners is put up an air of confidence and sureness. It couldn’t be far from the truth. Deep down we are ashamed and embarrassed of our shortcomings normal neuros have. This causes us to be very envious and to suppress it, we to our further embarrassment have to fuel our egos some way.

Simply we’re like crabs. Hard exterior, soft interior.

My partner had the same frustrations as you and the other kind ladies that have posted.
Yes, we’re late.
Yes, we’re going to forget.
Yes, we’re going to leave our junk lying around.
Yes, we will be bringing our frustrations home from work.
YES, we WILL drive your bat$5&7 crazy!

… and we really want to stop it. We can’t, well sometimes…

Know that when he says sorry. He won’t know how to be genuine about it. When you know he is, a hug says more than words. Guaranteed. (provided he is honest and does care)

It’s really fantastic you’re taking action to get a glimmer of what we go through. Remember to let us make those mistakes, and give us a hand only when we ask for it. Take care of yourself first, that way you indirectly take care of your partner. I’ll raise a glass to an amazing journey for both of you!