Reply To: Getting unstuck


Thank you for your response Penny. You’ve responded to many of my posts and our boys sounds very similar. I’ve thought my son has autism for years, but have not gotten the diagnosis. The closest we’ve gotten is social pragmatic communication disorder. I still think he has autism, but none of his therapists, teachers, or social workers agree with me. He tends to run anxious, but I don’t think he has anxiety. I am going to check out the articles you posted and see what they have to say.

Also, who did you go to get the autism diagnosis? So far, I can’t even get anyone to give him the ADOS. We’ve had two full neuropsych, plus testing in school and they all say it’s a waste of time. He’s getting lots of support at school, he’s at a therapeutic day school, but I think in the future, it would be helpful.

Thank you!