Reply To: Assignments? What assignments?


Taking online classes helped me figure out how to manage my time better to get assignments done. Since with online classes, I didn’t have a teacher to keep on me or even physically talk to, I had to learn how to both teach myself the material, and manage my time to get stuff done. I will always remember my first year of Latin, which was my first online class. I’d log in every day, I’d check to see what the teacher wanted us to do, take the notes, and then I prioritized the assignments, from what I wanted to do most to what I wanted to do least. The assignments I was excited about, I got done in no time. At some point though, about half way through the year, something happened. In my prioritizing, I ended up skipping around, which led to me being simultaneously ahead and behind in Latin. I jumped right on the stuff I wanted to do. The stuff I didn’t, I put off and put off, until it was either last minute and rushed to be finished or completely forgotten and I got a zero. I had the same issue my second year of Latin, which was my senior year of HS. So, when I started college, because of work status and transportation, I took an online class. It clicked. I figured out how to do things in order(ish) and get it done. What I found helpful was teachers posting announcement as to what the homework, a syllabus that outlined the homework for the entire semester, and the teacher posting the week’s lessons in the unit folder that it goes in, one week at a time. I didn’t really get these options when I was in HS, I feel like HS teachers don’t get the same freedoms that college teachers get when it comes to setting up their classes, but it really did help me figure out how to keep up with and get my work done. Still not necessarily in order, but it does get done. The fact that he sounds like he doesn’t care is a little harder to work with. It may take him just getting out into the work force and seeing what jobs he can get, and the horrible pay and issues that are dealt with, for him to realize school is important. That turned into a motivator for me as well.