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Heritagemom11 i am right there with you although we are entering 3rd grade my sons biggest issue is he is non cooperative in class. He brings home all his work completes a full days work in less than 30 mims i am left to wonder how many children are truely suffering from a diagnosis and how many schools are too lazy to try to teach children in an engaging and age appropriate manner. My son was only recently (past month) diagignosed as ADHD, inattetive type, ODD and anxiety and depression. I am having a very difficult time of it considering how intelligent and well behaved he is at home and in most settings, to me I have never seen any type of anxiety other than the constant complaints from the school he worrys about our reaction at home. We are even changing districts first to see if its him or the school if it turns out to be him, so to speak, i will likely home school as well.