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I have not had kids yet, but this has been a concern of mine when I do. It wasn’t until the end of first grade that we got me reading on level (and then by 5th grade I was on college level, so there is hope) and it wasn’t until now, that I’m 24 and taking a college algebra math that math even remotely makes sense. My parents tried tutors, I started in a private school till 4th grade and then transferred to a public school, because the private school had more freedom in trying to tell my parents what to do with my mental health and my 4th grade teacher was an awful match for me. As I started college, I loved online classes because I could tailor them to myself. Basically home school myself in a way. From experience, those early years are crucial, as I’m sure you know. My math issues went from never getting the basics to then being combined with convinced I couldn’t do it because I never had before. Homeschooling may be the best fit for him. Or maybe look into a Montessori if they are available, there are some public ones, at least in some states. Montessori are more developmentally accurate compared to “traditional schools.” Or in first grade he may have a wonderful teacher that he clicks with and he can stay where he is. You got this, you know your child better than the school does, don’t be afraid to try homeschooling. There are social groups for home school kids and books and articles on how to do it. He will learn in time.