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I literally just went through this last Fiday night. My friends posted a picture of all of them holding paintings they had just created at a painting party. I cried. I wrote “what about me”? The response was short, “this was last minute”… It really hurts to not feel included. I don’t have a best friend, most of my friends are really just acquaintances. I feel pretty alone on the weekends. At work, I have a boss who hates me. She hangs out with all her favorites outside of the office, but me. At Christmas she invited her favorites to her house to bake cookies. I happened to see it on their calendars. I’ve created some of this isolation because I have boundaries with coworkers and really don’t want to hang out with them after hours. I’m with them 40 hours a week. I could make an effort to make a close friend. Sometimes I just need down time after work and I find people exhausting.