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Hello! My daughter turned 7 in March and was diagnosed ADHD as well, along with some other health issues she has had from birth. She to suffers from behavior issues and sounds much like your son. I have two older children, a rising 10th-grader and a rising eighth-grader whom I have homeschooled since kindergarten age. So, the decision to homeschool my daughter was a fairly simple one. However, given her learning issues – she’s behind as well… And our day looks completely different than the way that I homeschooled my boys. A couple of suggestions – don’t try to re-create a classroom setting in your home. I can tell you from experience, that it will drive you crazy. Another suggestion is to keep the learning sessions fairly brief.But, in short – you can do this! Just think about the fact that you can tailor the subjects and learning style to suit his strengths and weaknesses. I would be happy to discuss some things that I’ve done with my children, especially my daughter, in more depth if you’d like to chat.