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i would stand firm on it. He’s 8 years old (and with ADD, probably emotionally younger than that), and he’s dictating to his parents whether or not he goes to school. That’s not a precedent I’d want to set for a child who already has issues. Also he’s learning that if he makes enough of a fuss, you’ll feel sorry for him and give in. Another issue is that by giving in to him now, you’re setting up inconsistent expectations which may lead to a power struggle in the fall, because all summer he’s been allowed to be in charge and then suddenly in the fall you’ll be telling him that he’s not in charge anymore. It might be exhausting to deal with the drama he generates now, but it will be much harder in the fall when you’ve given him that much power and then you try to take it back. I know that sounds harsh, but I think kids with ADD are ultimately better off with consistency and clear expectations than with navigating inconsistent boundaries. The reason I think that is because I WAS a kid with ADD. 🙂