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When I lived with my parents, I felt like I had to keep my emotions secret, very rarely did they see how I was really feeling. I hate answering what’s wrong, especially when the answer is normally I don’t know, which was unacceptable to my parents. So, I hid it. 5 years ago I moved out, and for about the first two months, I still kept my emotions to myself. And then a big thing happened between my roommates. I didn’t hold back my emotions as much as I had. After that, I very quickly started showing how I really felt, except for when I was at work. It was overwhelming and at first I felt like I wasn’t in control of my emotions anymore, but I have since discovered that I can still control and express an emotion simultaneously. A lesson I think that is normally learned at a young age, but because of my parent’s expectations of emotional displays, I learned to hide instead of let the emotion out without dissolving into hysterical tears or screaming. I still tear up at weird moments, but I do normally have them under some level of control.