Reply To: Meltdowns


I’ll have similar issues periodically. I’m 24. Normally in the form of just breaking down and crying, but sometimes fits of anger. I found getting a weighted blanket and stuffed animal has helped. When I’m at home and feel a meltdown coming on, I just shut myself in my room with something soothing on or nothing at all, and wrap up in the weighted blanket or hold the weighted stuffed animal. It takes some time, I think an hour has been the longest, but the weight helps me come down enough that I can start looking at things in perspective and figure out how to tackle them. It has decreased in frequency and difficult in holding in until I can let it out. As for not hurting people around you, sometimes that’s hard during a meltdown. It’s like all the filters get turned off. With the help of my roommates we’ve worked out letting me get through the meltdown and I come to them when I feel better. And then we discuss and apologize (normally both of us because I feel bad for blowing up, and my roommate feels bad for setting it off) but until I start speaking or sit in the same room, they completely ignore me. There’s this weird middle spot when I’m coming out of a meltdown where I feel like I need food or water but being noticed will cause me to scamper away or slip back into the meltdown. Just know it is a process, there is hope. I can’t guarantee the meltdowns will stop completely, but there are things that can be done to make them more manageable. There is a website called Happify, it is free unless you want to unlock premium stuff (which is really just more levels of the games) that helps me a lot when my anxiety is going haywire. And when I can, I try to squeeze in yoga because it’s gentle and the person who does the youtube videos (Adriene) is very laid back, very big on the do what you can (which is great for me, because I am not flexible lol). I hope you find some of these tips helpful, encouraging, or at least re-assuring you are not alone. Emotionally speaking we feel things very deeply, which sometimes prompts intense displays. Not necessarily a bad thing either. Just another thing that makes us different.