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I have a high stress professional/executive c-suite level job which zaps me – for years I didn’t want to do anything on the weekend or evenings, and I would stay home doing nothing but sleeping or watching tv– but eventually – this got boring and old! I was single and but decided to reach out to find and develop a relationship and found this step very helpful to forcing me to be more active. At the same time, if I say “I need a break” he understands. I found that doing something on the weekends that is relaxing actually alleviates fatigue – for example, my fiance and I go boating on the weekends. I exercise regularly during the week to fight against the stress and fatigue. I’ve also learned to actually take regular vacations several times a year. I realize this is a luxury but I can’t emphasis enough how much difference it makes to my peace of mind. Also, I keep the same sleep schedule during the weekend as I have during the week with naps on the weekends (30-60-90 min). I take adderall every day but dose varies depending on stress level – in my experience, the more stress or sensory overload, the quicker I burn through the adderall – but when just chilling on weekend, I typically need less. I fight anxiety more than depression and with age and experience I’ve learned to identify what matters and what doesn’t. I get caught up in the weeds sometimes but I ask people around me to help me be aware and help pull me out – everyone from my boss (whom I’ve known for 15 years) to my mother to my fiance. I ask them to “help me” get out of it – I am not embarrassed of my ADHD – I own it, it doesn’t own me. You cannot be an island. I am 43, now, and was diagnosed as an adult at age 26. You will be ok – my advice is to learn to listen to and trust yourself and evaluate which coping mechanisms work for you – no one tool works for everyone.