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That is the most perfect introduction I believe I have ever read. Love the raw honesty of what life with ADHD is all about. I would venture to guess everyone that reads this site could relate to your little “role play” introduction. Actually, I signed onto my computer to pay bills but noticed the ADDitude tab was still opened, went to close it, then noticed the threads were still on the page so here I am reading through blog posts as opposed to paying the bill I intended to pay 30 min ago… And so goes life with distractions.

By the way, I am 40 and was just officially diagnosed about 3 months ago…. It wasn’t until my daughter was diagnosed 4 years ago that my doctor and I began to suspect she inherited it from me. Even so, it took an additional 4 years after her diagnosis to reach a point where my doctor couldn’t ignore the signs any longer and my symptoms became even more clear after my depression was under control. Sorry, far more info than I intended to get into.

Anyway, its nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy the resources available and the connection to like minded people on this site as much as I have.