Reply To: ADHD and Tiredness


I actually do most of the things you’re talking about vineetmodi, and I’m wondering if you have ADD/ADHD or live with someone who does? You sound annoyed, so I’m guessing you might be dealing with another person who has this problem. I understand what you mean about looking through the internet and finding symptoms that seem to fit. However, I also think your solution, while worthwhile, probably isn’t going to work for a lot of people here because you are talking about being disciplined. That in itself can be a problem.

I think most of us know we need good sleep, shouldn’t abuse alcohol/drugs, eat right, exercise, etc. But there’s more to it than that. Something is out of whack because no one wants to feel this way. Even though I take good care of myself, I still go through periods where I’m tired for days until the fog finally lifts for no particular reason.

I’ve also seen therapists, doctors, had tests, tried various medications, and it can still be a struggle. My life isn’t horrible, and most of the time I manage pretty well. If you have ADD/ADHD and this is working for you, then kudos. Maybe someone else will either follow your guidelines or incorporate some of the ideas, and find they help.