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I wonder how many jobs I’ve had? I never stayed at any of them for long because of boredom mainly. I think 2 years in one department was about it. I WISH I had gone to college, but I either didn’t have the confidence or didn’t have the money. When I did manage to take some classes (grade school and high school were mostly a disaster), I finally realized I wasn’t stupid!!

I was really good on the computer and was constantly looking for ways I could do more, but because I didn’t have a degree, I was never able to advance into something that interested me. My only route “up” was to be secretary to a president, which has to be (for me) one of the most boring jobs ever!!

Men and women can be equally bad, but I think women can be especially nasty. Two of my favorite bosses were women, however. They made me feel good about myself, didn’t give me crap assignments, and encouraged me to grow. I’ll always be grateful to them.

I’m glad you mentioned “codependent,” because I really had a high need to be liked. Talk about self destructive and setting yourself up. People can take advantage of that, and it always ends up being your fault. I never thought about that until right now. It’s taken most of my life for me to finally understand that not everyone has to like me, and most of the time, those are people I don’t like anyway.

Good luck to you, Teri. I really do feel your pain, but I also see your determination. I’m 65 now, and once I got into my 40s and beyond I started getting better at sticking up for myself. I still got my feelings hurt, and I ran into some pretty mean people on my jobs, but I was also (and still am) very lucky to have a great husband who always supported me. I was able to quit working about 10 plus years ago, but actually liked having a job so I just went to part time. I worked for a truly mentally unbalanced attorney for a short time (put the keys on his desk and walked out), and then a very nice manufacturing business that was fun until I got bored again!! Now my horse and I are learning dressage together and I’ve become a pretty good artist! It’s been an adventure. 😉