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Ummm, let me just say that Aspergers and ADHD are the 2 most criss-crossed misdiagnosed disorders I’ve ever come across. I think this is most prevalent with the X generation in which doctors at that time were just obsessed with ADHD that with any child experiencing problems in school, they will just call him/her ADHD and send them out with pharmaceutical cocaine and then consider them cured. This observation comes from the fact that I was an instructor for a trade school, in which almost every student with problems would always claim to be ADHD, and not one aspergers??? I am totally truly, authentically ADHD; I really begged to differ almost every time!

I’m no doc, but based on this paragraph, your boyfriend sounds more like aspergers than ADHD. Let me just say that if I was your boyfriend, I wouldn’t be blowing up at you, YOU would be blowing up at me. I, just like my fellow comrades, am very tolerant and very difficult to frustrate or even offend. Also, just because someones talks too much DOES NOT MEAN THEY’RE ADHD!!! Aspergers people will go off on rants too, except their’s will be “overly detailed” and organized, sticking to the same line of thought from beginning to end, whereas an ADHD rant would just be all over the place. You said that he explodes at you when you don’t feel him? Uhhhh, I don’t even know when my wife is listening or not, let alone blow up at her. I’m just too absorbed in my tangent that I just I just start talking to the blue sky, not even knowing if anybody is even listening. Aspergers people in contrast, are very intuitive. Just from your body language or even countenance they will know what you’re thinking or feeling, so you can’t hide anything from them, and like the saying goes “the truth hurts”. When things don’t go as planned, an Aspergers will get very frustrated and blow up, which is the opposite of ADHD.

Last and finally, you said he’s addicted to cannabis and drinks a lot… ADHD people are addicted to stimulates NOT depressants. You’ll find them with their Mountain Dew stocked up and Amphetamines in their back pocket. When problems arise, you’ll be taking them to a coffee shop to brighten them up from their depression, not a pub to calm them down from their anger.

Enough said. What you need is a psychiatrist, not a pub or weed (cannabis).