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M.C Thank you I love what I do very much.
I am 35 years old. I have 4 years as a nurse and 11 as a CNA.
Kevinsuperspacey I was thinking about organizing a bowling and or paint night. I thought maybe this would help.
Anomalocaria ok, I realize that we are not exactly normal but neither are other people. I have taken care of so many people….everyone has problems some just hide it better than others. I usually am the type of person that never asks for help even when I should. I would do anything for anyone even if I dont like you. I have a filter at work…which is the only place I have one. But I do apologize alot for interupting people etc. I do not ask anyone for accommadations ever. But I like people and I dont want to isolate my self. I have friends that love me and think I am great. I just wish some of them were at my job.
My friends except me just the way I am thabkfully. But I also tell them to tell me if they feel like I am not in the moment with them etc