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Anne, you told my story. I was hired as an analyst under the condition I perform some of the admin duties. I figured, hey, if you want to pay me the money you’re offering, I’ll be happy to. I did attend college and this is one of the last businesses that pays based on level of education. I have a masters degree so they’re paying quite well. But having been an admin my whole life prior to starting college at the age of 40, I too have worked for interesting characters. I hate to say this, but I haven’t had the best experience working for women. And this gal is a trainwreck. She has never liked me and me being codependent, have bent over backwards to get her approval. Something switched in me over a month ago, and I found my voice. Where I was once afraid of her and her abusive ways, I looked her in the eyes and revealed the elephant in the room. I told her we butt heads and I should best move on. She was shocked. Like she didn’t realize I was even awake… heck, maybe I appeared that way. We all have survival mechanisms. She is jeopardizing my position, stealing money and I have to go into our A/P system and approve. I suspected she was embezzling but never had proof. Well, I have proof. I will get out, get into a real analyst position then report her behavior. We have a phone number I can call anonymously, but she’ll know it’s me. I don’t much care. They pay her probably 175,000 a year and she’s robbing them blind. It’s insanity. She’s one of the worst cases of narcissism I’ve ever witnessed. Sorry for the novel. I don’t have anyone to reveal this to so it feels good.