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I’ve enjoyed all the posts here. It works wonders knowing I’m not alone. I’ve, for the most part, accepted my challenges, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I’ve been on vacation this week and it has been so nice. I’m currently in a work situation which is less than grand. For 5 years I’ve been working for a real bully. She has zero business being in management. She’s doing very unethical behavior regarding the companies $$$. I can’t sit by and not address this, we have different ethics. I’ve had this week and it has allowed me to regroup and step back, without being in the middle of her insanity, to get my priorities straight. Why do I bring this up? I find that when I am living in denial in some area of my life, it absolutely triggers my symptoms. My ADHD goes into hyperfocus, almost obsession, and then my depression and anxiety kicks in. Why wouldn’t I feel exhausted when I’m wearing the world on my shoulders? I’ve started the step work to live in the solution. I have applied for 2 internal positions as I love my company just not my predicament. I’ve updated my resume and I’m putting the word out that I’m available for new opportunities. Then I will address her stealing. I simply can’t live with what I know. So, long story long, I can’t afford living in denial. I must create a life of serenity, as best I can.