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Okay, so just let me update that I’m continuing to feel pretty good. I don’t know why I’ll suddenly be so run down, and then sort of depressed. I was exhausted yesterday, when we were having family over. Before that a friend came over and we worked with our horses, which kind of got my mind off of things. But I was definitely tired all day. Still, I wasn’t depressed, so that made a difference.

I’ve been feeling upbeat for the past several days now, and today I’m feeling good again. Even though I know from experience that it won’t last, I’ll enjoy it while it does. One thing I often wonder about is boredom. I feel sometimes that stimulation helps, and often that means getting together with a friend or having something I’m looking forward to. And I’m also affected by the weather. We’ve had some nice days recently, but mostly it’s been a lot of bad weather in Southern Wisconsin.