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All my roads lead in this direction. It is where I was when I had a healthy brain function. This video refers specifically to studies using MDMA, which I’ve never tried. But I used to be drawn intuitively to Mushrooms, MDA and LSD without really understanding why. Why one over the other, why only 2 or 3 times a year, but most importantly and perhaps as a revelation, Why did a life long disorder only become problematic long after I abandoned that lifestyle. Also, I never understood why these things provided a different type of experience in me than for my peers.
It’s the same with Cannabis. I experience it differently than those around me, almost negatively. There is no euphoria, no giggles, no trip. Just a dullness, a slowing of the mind and an inability to do much. Yet I find myself driven from time to time to smoke it, almost in an addictive fashion but without an addiction and never more than a day.
Well it turns out our bodies actually have something called the Endocannabinoid System And while that explained the craving or drive to get it, it also indicated that there is something else going on that isn’t normal.
Maybe for you these two links may help you see a new idea, I don’t know. For me I have recognized some important things from my past, that will no doubt prove important again for my future.