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There are a lot of people in your same situation, me included. Its common for those of us with ADHD. Don’t let shame rule your emotions. Your credit score does not represent who you are as a person and debt doesn’t reflect on your character. Lots of people care about you and they don’t care about your finances. I can share what I’ve done to help with my finances. I don’t hide from creditors. I call them and agree to pay a small amount each month. Know your rights! If you offer to be on a payment plan, eleven a small amount, they have to work with you. Then I pick one at a time to make bigger payments and work through them one at a time. You are ok and you can work through it as long as you don’t allow shame to be your guide. Remember, there is no such thing as debtors prison any more and literally millions of other people have been or are in the same type of situation. In many ways, the cards are stacked against the average person financially and untreated ADHD makes it nearly impossible. There is help and support out there! I believe in you!