Reply To: Boredom


I have a huge boredom problem but am a very competitive person. So i turned my natural competitiveness in to a silent mind game i play at work. I am a medical coder so i time myself coding charts and then try to beat my time. I also have some fidget toys at my desk and have unlimited access to the Internet so when i need stimulation i take a two minute vacation to a beautiful beach by looking up beaches on the internet. When something pops into my head i want to know about i look it up on the computer. These brief moments of stimulation actually help me get back to work If i need a laugh i google pictures of funny animals. Sometimes I go hide in the restroom for a few minutes and meditate on something I am passionate about. My boss even let’s me listen to pandora radio with my earbuds all day long. Although it wouldn’t seem kikely, I am much more productive now.