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One of the things I have always wanted most is for my son to be happy and he is. He dropped out of college but hopes to go back at some point. During his school years we focused on his interstate and talents. He didn’t care for school much but was always interested in a science fair where he would put together some electrical device and win 1st place. He joined a children’s choir and stayed with it until high school. He was always selected for all district and all state choir. He was a boy soprano and performed many solos. His violin teacher told me he was the most talented student she had ever encountered in 40 years of teaching. He was tested and placed in talented art classes from 5th grade on. He loved wood shop and loved making things. He was the 1st student to take 3 years of wood shop in high school. Since he was so talented with computers and could understand complex software he was chosen to be on the school newspaper staff to do the computerized layout for the paper that was sent to the printer. I have a painting on my wall of Van Goh ‘ Starry Night painted by my son. He can fix anything electronic. cars, computers, Cell phones, etc. The stuff he wasn’t good at we didn’t worry about and my son is happy and has tons of friends.