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Thank you. Both of these articles are good, and I especially like Secrets of Your ADHD Brain. That is very helpful, and something I could read on a regular basis. Depression is harder. Mine isn’t debilitating by any means. I still manage to get things done, but it’s a lot harder. The discouraging part is when I lose my zest for life! There are so many things that interest me, but then I’ll go through periods when things I normally love are just things. I can’t get any enthusiasm, and they are even a burden in some ways. That even makes me sadder. For instance, I have a wonderful horse. I’ve always loved horses and riding, and I’m so fortunate to have my own place. But I’ll go through periods where I wonder why I have him. I’ll start thinking that life would be easier if I didn’t. I’ll feel the same way about our dogs (and I love them) because I just don’t have the energy to deal with any of them. That makes me feel even worse!!! But, eventually that changes. I get out of my funk and I’m back to enjoying all of them again. I just seem to go through periods where I’m down.